How a Hotel Growth Agency Helped a Hotel Villa Baviera Increase Occupancy Rates by 25%

How a Hotel Growth Agency Helped a Hotel Villa Baviera Increase Occupancy Rates by 25%

Published On: 14 April 2023

How a Hotel Growth Agency Helped a Hotel Villa Baviera Increase Occupancy Rates by 25%

When it comes to running a successful hotel, one of the key metrics to measure is occupancy rate – the percentage of available rooms that are actually filled with guests. A high occupancy rate means more revenue and a healthier bottom line. But what if your hotel is struggling to attract guests and your occupancy rate is lower than you’d like it to be? That’s where a ThisRapt hotel growth agency can come in handy.

Take the case of the Hotel Villa Baviera. Located in a popular tourist destination, the hotel had a lot going for it – a prime location, great amenities, and friendly staff. However, despite all of this, the hotel’s occupancy rate was hovering around 50%. The hotel’s management team knew they needed help to turn things around, so they turned to a ThisRapt hotel growth agency for assistance.

ThisRapt started by conducting a thorough analysis of the hotel’s current marketing efforts. They looked at everything from the hotel’s website to its social media presence to its advertising campaigns. What they found was that the hotel’s marketing efforts were fragmented and lacked a cohesive strategy. There was no clear message or branding, and potential guests were getting lost in the noise.

To address this issue, the hotel growth agency developed a comprehensive marketing plan for the hotel. This included creating a new website that was optimized for search engines and mobile devices, establishing a strong social media presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and launching targeted advertising campaigns aimed at specific demographics. Also, creating guest personas for families and business travellers.

One of the key tactics ThisRapt as a Hotel Marketing Company employed was influencer marketing. We reached out to popular travel bloggers and social media influencers who had a large following in the hotel’s target market and invited them to stay at the hotel for free in exchange for sharing their experiences on their social media channels. This helped to generate buzz and attract attention from potential guests who may not have otherwise heard of the hotel.

ThisRapt also worked closely with the hotel’s staff to ensure that the guest experience was top-notch. They provided training on everything from customer service to housekeeping to make sure that every guest had a memorable and enjoyable stay.

The results were impressive. Within six months of partnering with the hotel growth agency, the Hotel’s occupancy rate had increased by 25%. The hotel was now consistently booked up, and revenue was up significantly as a result.

Overall, the success of the Hotel Villa Baviera is a testament to the power of a comprehensive hotel growth strategy. By working with a hotel growth agency to develop a cohesive marketing plan and improve the guest experience, the hotel was able to achieve impressive results and set itself up for long-term success.

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