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Himalaya Cafe | Case Study

Published On: 11 April 2023

Himalaya Cafe | Case Study

Customer Case Study:

ThisRapt Helps Himalaya Cafe Increase Walk-Ins and Average Order Value with Music Club Campaign 


Himalaya Cafe is a popular cafe located in Edinburgh, Scotland. They wanted to increase their customer base and encourage more people to visit their establishment. They partnered with ThisRapt, a full-service marketing agency, to develop and execute a Music Club campaign that would help them achieve their goals. 


Himalaya Cafe faced several challenges in attracting new customers. They were looking for a creative solution that would help them stand out in a crowded market. They also wanted to increase their average order value and create a sense of community around their establishment. 


ThisRapt developed a Music Club campaign that showcased the unique atmosphere of Himalaya Cafe and created a community of musicians. The agency created a series of events where local musicians could perform and showcase their talents. They also used social media platforms to promote the events and encourage people to attend. 


The Music Club campaign developed by ThisRapt helped Himalaya Cafe achieve its goals and exceed its expectations. Here are the results: 

Created a community of 20+ musicians: The Music Club campaign helped Himalaya Cafe establish a community of local musicians who performed at their events. This created a sense of community around the cafe and helped attract new customers. 

Walk-ins increased to 200% after the campaign: The Music Club campaign helped attract new customers to Himalaya Cafe. The establishment saw a 200% increase in walk-ins during and after the campaign. 

Average order value increased to 150% after the campaign: The Music Club campaign helped increase the average order value at Himalaya Cafe. Customers were more likely to order food and drinks while enjoying the music and the unique atmosphere of the cafe. 


ThisRapt’s Music Club campaign helped Himalaya Cafe increase its customer base, create a sense of community, and increase its average order value. The campaign was a huge success and helped the cafe achieve its goals. ThisRapt’s creative and strategic approach to marketing helped them overcome their challenges and achieve impressive results for their clients. The Music Club campaign helped establish Himalaya Cafe as a unique and attractive destination in the Edinburgh Cafe scene.