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Urban Lounge | Case Study

Published On: 11 April 2023

Urban Lounge | Case Study

Customer Case Study:

ThisRapt Helps Urban Lounge Increase Reach and Walk-Ins with Video Marketing Campaign


Urban Lounge is a popular bar and restaurant located in Edinburgh, Scotland. They wanted to increase their reach and attract more customers to their establishment. They partnered with ThisRapt, a full-service Hospitality marketing agency, to develop and execute a video marketing campaign that would help them achieve their goals.


Urban Lounge faced several challenges in increasing its customer base. They were struggling to get the word out about their establishment and attract new customers. They had a limited budget to work with and needed a creative solution that would provide them with the results they were looking for.


ThisRapt developed a video marketing campaign that showcased the unique atmosphere and offerings of Urban Lounge. The agency created a series of videos that highlighted the bar and restaurant’s delicious food, creative cocktails, and fun events. They also used social media platforms to promote the videos and reach a wider audience.


The video marketing campaign developed by ThisRapt helped Urban Lounge achieve its goals and exceed its expectations.

Here are the results:

Increased reach by 50%: The video marketing campaign helped Urban Lounge reach a wider audience than ever before. The videos received thousands of views on social media, leading to a significant increase in reach.

Walk-ins increased to 30% after the campaign: The videos and social media promotion helped attract new customers to Urban Lounge. The establishment saw a 30% increase in walk-ins during and after the campaign.

Online brand reputation increased from nothing to 110+ reviews: Prior to the campaign, Urban Lounge had no online presence or reviews. However, the video marketing campaign helped establish their brand online and attract positive reviews. Urban Lounge now has over 110 reviews, which has helped to further increase its visibility and attract new customers.


ThisRapt’s video marketing campaign helped Urban Lounge increase its reach, attract new customers, and establish its brand online. The campaign was a huge success and helped the bar and restaurant achieve their goals. ThisRapt’s creative and strategic approach to marketing helped them overcome their challenges and achieve impressive results for their clients.